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Insomnia is a problem. I want to help you fix it.

Insomnia is nothing to joke about. Sleeplessness can cause many serious problems and lead to a stressful, difficult day-to-day. As a recent insomnia patient myself, I've found that its hard to find reliable information about how to deal with insomnia, or ways to help mitigate it. Ancient forum posts, Yahoo Answers threads and ads for all sorts of prescription meds are everywhere. Insomnia Base is a site dedicated to spreading useful information for those who were like me, desperately searching for information at terrible hours.

Medicine & Supplements

Read through a list of possible medicinal aids to help you get a good night sleep.  


Create a Routine

Read about ways to create a nightly routine conducive to sleep, and what habits can help you get rest.



Learn about bad habits and what could be potentially contributing to your sleeplessness.


Note: See Your Doctor

This website contains information and links that I have personally found useful during my fight with insomnia. The number one thing you can do if you are suffering from severe insomnia is to consult your doctor. Make an appointment as soon as you can — your sleep matters, and your doctor can help.

Insomnia Base

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